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Swept Under The Rug Reality Of Brittney Griner

Well here's an update for you. WNBA player Brittney Griner is facing some life changing realities, after traveling from New York to Moscow and getting busted with vape cartridges containing hash oil. Russian authorities wasted no time arresting her. As the months go by Brittney is trying to be patient but we all know sometimes our patience runs out. U.S news outlets have stated that she is facing 10 years in prison if she is not released. Sources are saying that Russia is looking to exchange the star in a swap for convicted arms trafficker Viktor Bout who is in USA custody. Brittney's family, friends and fans have been pleading for her release even asking for President Joe Biden's help. Sources say the deal is in its beginning stages so its possible the WNBA star will be released sooner than later.


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