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The Era Of Internet Trolling

Trolling, another word for hating in my opinion, but let me get straight to it. Some people luv to jump on band wagons to hate on people they don't even know, especially when its a beef going on. Some of us like to take the side of the person who the media sides with the most without knowing the situation. Its crazy cus we really got grown ass people out here not liking a person simply because of someone else not liking them. I swear the internet feels like junior high sometimes. Anyway some of us know The City Girls recently made amends with Rap artist #Nicki Minaj. Now why those ladies had beef, I don't know. But most of us seen interviews with the City Girls speaking down on Nicki just to Big Up #Cardi B. The shit was lame and lets call it what it is. Me personally I'm not basing my decision whether I like somebody off of what some other person said without knowing facts. Now Fast Forward, Nicki forgave Yung Miami and JT and the three have now squashed their issues and decided to move on. So was it really beef between Nicki and City Girls or was they trolling Nicki because it was the wave? Based on a brief interview I watched Yung Miami said "I would tell my younger self to stop trolling, stop being childish, grow up and be mindful of the things you say because everybody is human." I mean we all do dumb shit from time to time but the bottom line is have your own opinion about someone, be a leader and stop being a follower. Hating and trolling ain't gone do nothing but make you look crazy when its all said and done.

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