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The Spice Attack

Dance Hall Queen Spice has been making headlines for her recent health scare following an alleged cosmetic surgery gone wrong. Its no secret that many female artist go under the knife to enhance certain body parts to become more appealing in a cut throat industry. Rumors have been circulating that she had a heart attack and was in a Coma. Fans continued to wonder if this was actually true. Spice later got on social media and made a statement saying she suffered a damaged hernia that sent her body to sepsis. Although she did not confirm how or why she suffered a damaged hernia which sent her to the emergency room for immediate surgery, it was reported that she allegedly had a Brazilian Butt Lift. If that was the case my hopes is that she warns others of the dangers when getting these types of unnecessary procedures done to your body. Some things are just not worth it. Hopefully this becomes a wake up call for her and others as well. With that being said we hope she continues to get better.


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