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Butt You Thought It Was Cool

These days it seems like recording artist K Michele can't seem to catch a break. She's been in headlines for numerous topics and it aint about music. K Michele recently caught flack about her unrecognizable new face and noticeable lighter skin complexion, but we not here to discuss that. I wanna get down to the Butt of this. Do big #booties matter? If you ask me personally, I would definitely say no. So why are so many going under the knife of hell. Well let me say it's not a simple break down but I'll start with this. Women, especially women in the industry are held to a much higher standard than the average girl. Being the size of #Lizzo may cause business deals to come by at a slower rate. Listen I get it, but Im really starting to think its a self-esteem issue. Wanting to compete with other women and gain the attention of men seems to be the real reason. Trust and believe if a man genuinely wants you, the size of your butt isn't gone matter. Regular guy's and what we call "Baller's" dont care. I like to say if you got it, you got it. Having a huge butt aint changing nothing. Big Booties get dumped and left too just as much as the average girl if not more. To my younger females, I say allow yourself to grow into your body. Women typically gain weight when they reach around the 30 age mark or even after your first child. Trust me you don't want to walk around looking disfigured and having multiple surgeries. It just aint worth the headache or crying when your left by yourself to deal with the aftermath.


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