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Trouble In Chyna

So today we are talking about well known social media star Blac Chyna. Its no secret that I'm always touching on topics about cosmetic surgery and injections. So the beautiful Angela White aka Blac Chyna has recently removed her cheek fillers, butt injections and also got a breast reduction. Allegedly she claims to be on a spiritual journey and wants to be closer to God. She even underwent a demon tattoo removal. Bless Angela's heart! But guys let's be real. If you were a follower of Angela or knowledgeable of who she is then you know that over the course of the years her butt started to look deformed, her face became very boxy from all the fillers and overall her body started to look like a cartoon character. This is something that happens to a lot of celebrities that overdo the surgery procedures. With that being said I want to discuss the real reason Blac Chyna decided to partially go back to her natural body. I definitely believe that she encountered some health issues from having foreign chemicals in her body. She did admit to having health problems, but it seems she is blaming the new transition on her spiritual growth. I'm not sure I believe that's the real reason. I do believe some women with butt injections are realizing the dangers that are soon to come if not removed. I just wish women would be a little more open about their surgery and injection experiences to prevent others from not going down the same path. But hey everybody is not hero material!


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