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What Happened To Black Men?

It's no secret that society often imposes rigid norms on how men should behave and express their masculinity. For black men, these expectations can be even more pronounced, influenced by stereotypes that fail to capture their full humanity. From the aggressive hyper masculinity often portrayed in the media to the pressures of conforming to societal standards of success, black men are being pulled in several different directions. Young black men seem to have lost their honor and respect in their communities. Their children are often left fatherless do to systematic issues, trauma and poor decision making. Urban communities seem to have taken a step back from being a protective village for the young. Most residents in crime infested neighborhoods feel like a prisoner in their own home. Young black men are often committing crimes in neighborhoods where their family resides. Where does the healing process begin? Black men are typically not offered or they deny mental health resources to help cope with their anger and emotional dysfunction. This tends to lead to unhealthy relationships in their personal and social life. While hoping for a better future the cycle of despair continues to be repeated.


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