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Soooooo You Dont Think Social Media Is Influencing Your Kids?

SOMEBODY, explain to me why are kids as young as 10 year old on social media. Now let's be clear there are a lot of young entrepreneur's these days but I'm not referring to them. They got a job to do. I get it. But my dear how young is too young. Im no fool when it comes to this parenting shit. But it really is disturbing seeing what these kids have to witness at such a young age. With so many personalities on social media how can your child find who he or she is. I mean everything is being thrown at your child at such a high speed. From the #Lil' Nas's to the #Cardi B's, dumb ass opinions that don't make sense and other activities that are not child appropriate. Bottom line things can get confusing to a child. They're brains are like sponges. Im sure you heard that before. They soak up so much. But seriously how can you possibly monitor all that they are exposed to. Social Media is an influence. Music is an influence. For example music can change your mood whether good or bad. It has the ability to influence our actions. Check your favorite reality t.v personality's bio. Im almost sure it reads (Influencer) Yup, influencing your child's actions, thought process and flat out confusing them. Right is right . Wrong is wrong. Aint no in between.


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