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The Hood Got You Sick.

I see it, I seen it a little too often. No matter the city. From hundreds of fast-food restaurants to choose from, the dirty streets, the air pollution, the crime, the undeniable easy access to street drugs. I think its safe to say the hood got you sick. That type of environment BEEN infecting urban areas whether you can admit it or not. I know first-hand, most people in these types of communities ain't tryna hear about no health education or financial literacy. Unless it's affecting them personally. Is it really the government's fault? I wouldn't say 100% maybe 15%. To give a system or even a person that much power over the way your life is doesn't make sense. We dont want to fight for anything except the stuff that is useless and really aint holding no value. Playing the blame game ain't it. It's about point of view. I could stand next to you in the same building, same floor, same room and look out the same window but our views still gone be different. The mind is what sets the tone for the life you live.


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