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The Marriage is Over. Should Men Walk Away With Half?

Prenups are the thing of the future. Well it should be when it comes to women cus honey these days the "city boys" seem to have gotten smarter. Back in the day it was the men protecting their riches from money hunting women but now more women are becoming the bread winners and some men are taking full advantage of their loneliness. They getting in where they fit in. Seems like more than ever men are filing for spousal support & getting away with it. Singer Mary J. Blige ex husband Kendu blew through all her cake and then had the nerve to file for spousal support. She stated in Angie Martinez interview "I had to give up all this alimony and I did'nt have no more money to give because he had spent it all". Talk Show host Wendy Williams ex hubby, requested spousal support after their relationship ended and he still to this day asking for more. Bottom line protect your wealth ladies, I ain't saying he a gold digger but we cant be taking no chances. We work too hard for the foolishness so if he decide to leave later on, he leaving with what he came wit. He might take your love and run but don't let him take your livelihood. I feel like men should never take from a woman. Men are givers, and women are receivers naturally. Men are providers so go and provide for yourself.


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